Worship Services

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King's Grant Presbyterian Church is a Worshiping Church. During the year we hold two Sunday Worship Services. (See below for times)

Sunday Services
Contemporary Service - 8:45 AM
Traditional Service - 11:00 AM

Summer Worship Hours -  10:00 AM (May 26th - September 15th)   


The primary difference between the services is the contemporary worship service offers more modern music and communion by intinction. The traditional worship service follows Presbyterian traditions more closely. During the summer and special occasions the two services are combined into one service that offers a mix of the themes.

Child Care and Nursery

Child care and nursery services are available offered during worship services and church functions. .  


King's Grant Presbyterian Church Hold open communion one the first Sunday of each month.

Nickel meal

On the last Sunday of each month a bucket is placed at the foot of the alter for nickel-a-meal. During the last song of the worship service the congregation is welcomed to come up and place nickels (spare change) into the bucket. The donations are used to help feed the hungry. 


You need not be a member to worship with us however membership in this church is open to all who claim Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to join in the work and worship of this church 

We also offer many ways to get involved in the worship of the Lord. From Sunday School to Bible Studies and Small Groups to a great variety of children’s, youth and adult choirs and special programs, we are constantly looking to enrich the spiritual experience of our members and visitors on our quest to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Explore the sections to the right to learn more!