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2017 Lenten Sermon Series - The Final Week of Jesus

   When a man knows the end is near, only the important surfaces. Jesus knew his time had come. During Lent we will walk with him the last week of his life. Each Sunday we will use Mark’s Gospel to enter another day of Holy Week. What does Jesus say? What does he do? What does it all mean for us? Let’s follow Jesus on his final journey. For by observing his, we may learn how to make ours.

Sermon Scripture

March 5               Monday: Spring Cleaning                           Mark 11:12-19

March 12             Tuesday: Carpe Diem Love                          Mark 14:1-11

March 19             Thursday: A Night of Agony                         Mark 14:32-42

March 26             Friday: The Final Hours                                  Mark 15:16-41

April 2                   Saturday: Living in the In-Between         Mark 15:48, Luke 23:50-56, Matthew 27:57-61

April 9                   Palm Sunday: How the End Begins           Mark 11:1-11

April 13                 Maundy Thursday: Preparation, Prophecy, Profoundness            Mark 14:12-25

April 16                 Easter Sunrise: Mary Magdalene’s Testimony     John 20:1-18

April 16                 Easter Sunday: Rolling Stones                                     Mark 16:1-8

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