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Summer Sermon Series: Glorifying God Through Music 

     Our Summer Sermon series will begin with the one worship service schedule on May 27 and continues through July 8 focusing on Glorifying God through Music. Music plays a central role in worship, both in  heaven and on earth. Music touches us in ways that words cannot. When coupled with our faith and theology, God uses music to bring us to a deeper relationship. 

May 27 Music in Scripture

The presence and significance of music permeates scripture: from Miriam and David, to the Psalms, to Angels singing to shepherds, Paul and Silas in prison, music and singing in Ephesians and Corinthians, to the singing of angels in heaven in Revelation. The role of music in worship and scripture is central. And it still is today.

 June 3 Glorifying God Through Music

Songs in worship have great meaning. They often are born from scripture and a composers personal life. This Sunday we will feature 5 songs and tell their story, sharing the scripture and the circumstances in which they were created to help us develop a greater appreciation of them.

 June 10 Music as Prayer and Lament

Music is a form of prayer as we communicate to God our heartfelt desires. In times of distress, music is even more powerful. We will look at music as prayer, particularly as lament as we lift up African American spirituals that kept the faith strong during extreme hardship. Music helps us keep the faith in the midst of chaos.

 July 1 Theology in Music

Music contains great theology, from Jesus Loves Me to Amazing Grace. Most people learn much of their theology from the song sung in church. What songs have most shaped our theology and how we understand who God is and what God does? After Karl Barth’s lecture at the University of Chicago in 1962, during the Q & A time, a student asked Barth if he could summarize his whole life’s work in theology in a sentence. Barth said, “Yes, I can. In the words of a song I learned at my mother’s knee: ‘Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

 July 8 The Power of Music

Music speaks to us and moves us in ways that mere words cannot. God uses music to touch us at a different level. Music is powerful as it seeps into our souls and brings people together in unity. Music is the great communicator and a central way we praise God. No wonder music is part of heaven! As Walter Landor said, “Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to heaven.” So let’s make a joyful noise!



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