Sharing Christ's Love, Equipping God's Children

We have a broad array of broad array of faith formation opportunities for our children at KGPC! 

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9:55 AM – 10:45 AM

Nursery - Room 125                                                                                                              Birth through 3 years. Offered Sunday morning from 8:45 - 12.

Preschool – First Grade Class - Room 121                                                                 Preschool thru First Grade are using the "Growing in Grace and Gratitude" curriculum.

Second-Third Grade Class - Room 119  This class is following the "Feasting On The Word" curriculum.

Fourth-Fifth Grade - Room 118
Join the children of the church and our awesome volunteer teachers as we learn about God. This curriculum is "Feasting On The Word".

Break Through Faith - Room 102                                                                                       Middle school youth gather to engage in and discuss relevant issues to their lives. They will develop tools to connect their faith to their lives. "Chuck Knows Church" is the curriculum.

Children’s Church - Room 120  During 11:00 AM Service                                           Children have the unique opportunity to have their own class following the Children’s Moment.  This class is recommended for grades 2 & below and for those who are unable to sit through the church service. It is taught by a core group of volunteer teachers who share Jesus’s love with the children.



Vacation Bible School

Five days during the summer.  Join the children of the church and the community as they experience God in a very relaxed and fun environment.  Children learn through stories, music, dance, science, recreation, art, and through the example of each other and adult volunteers. 




If you have a question that isn't answered by our content above, please contact our Grow Ministry Team Leaders - Betsy Leonard or Susan Kerr. You can also reach out to Amanda Pine, our Christian Faith Formation Director.