Guys & Gals Adult Fellowship

The Guys & Gals gatherings are the third Wednesday of the month. Watch for more detailed information about plans for the remainder of our gatherings this church year.

Below is the potluck luncheons line-up of programs for 2017-2018.

  • September 20

"If They Asked Me, I Could Write a Book. But How To Get Started?"

Speaker: Local published author, Ken Wheeler

  • October 18

"Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro"

Speaker: Dr. Don Evans

  • December 13

Annual Holiday Luncheon

Cavalier Country Club

  • February 21

"The Mathews Men"

Seven brothers from Mathews, Virginia and their war against Hitler's U-boats in World War II

Speaker: Published author, Bill Geroux

  • April 18

"Virginia Beach Atlantic Avenue Growth and Development since before 1900"

Speaker: Kasey Zronek, Education Director

Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum

For more information, contact John Morison