Jerry and Katherine

Serving as Cru leaders at James Madison University


Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) is on hundreds of campuses across the United States and thousands of campuses across the world. Cru leaders lead Bible Studies, participate in outreach on college campuses, and chaperone mission trips all over the United States and the World. Jerry says his goal at JMU is “to have everyone on campus know someone who truly follows Jesus.” He and his wife Katherine accomplish this by training upperclassmen to be Bible Study leaders and they can report there is at least one Bible Study meeting weekly in each of JMU's dorms. Along with leading Bible Studies, Jerry and Katherine meet with students one-on-one, conduct small group lessons (topics range from peer pressure to depression to abuse to how to deal with religion courses in college), and train the 70 some student volunteer Bible Study leaders.

Jerry grew up at KGPC and was inspired by his father, who served as an Elder. When Jerry’s family moved to Richmond, he continued to be involved in the Presbyterian Church. He graduated from Virginia Tech and began working for Cru at their headquarters in Florida, coordinating mission trips all around the world.

Katherine grew up in a Christian home in Northern Virginia. She too attended Tech, and the tragic events that occurred in 2007 led her to question her Faith for the first time. She attended Bible Study with Cru and those Bible Studies reminded her of the message of the Gospel.

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