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calendar_today March 19, 2023
menu_book Luke

Failure is Par for the Coarse

We are told not to be the prodigal son. But despite our best efforts, good intentions, self-discipline, and spiritual striving, we find ourselves walking in the shoes of the prodigal. We have failed. We can be pretty hard on ourselves when things don’t go as planned. Guilt, shame, and fear can leave us wallowing in the pig pen. Our delusions of a perfect life keep us disappointing ourselves. So we practice our repentance speech and nervously approach our Father hoping for acceptance. To our surprise, our extravagant failure is met with extravagant love and grace. Truth is, life is a big ole risk every sign day and facing whatever each day holds is not only good enough, but worthy of love and grace.
A Good Enough Step: What was one of your greatest failures and how did you respond to it? As you look back on it has your perspective changed? Who do you know has a chronic illness, who has known suffering, who has struggle a long time? What might you do to show them love, grace, and companionship?