King's Grant Presbyterian

King’s Grant 


At KGPC, we step up to serve the community and fill in the gaps.

Virginia Beach

A Community of Faith Serving & Blessing the World.

During Covid, we found out that some kids weren’t able to attend class virtually because they had no wifi, or single parents had to go to work, or they were homeless. So we opened up our building and created a virtual learning center so kids could come, log on using our wifi, and attend their classes.

The creativity and openness to try new things and serve the community in various ways makes us glad to be part of this community—whether it’s mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, welcoming the Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach into our facility, or providing volunteers for the homeless through People in Need and Judeo Christian Outreach Center ministries.

This is an active community of faith who is continually asking what God is wanting us to be and do to serve and bless the world.