King's Grant Presbyterian

Praying Like Jesus
Lenten Worship Series

Prayer is one of the foundational spiritual practices of Lent and our final KGPC core value. We know we should do it, but often it feels like an obligation rather than a joy. How can we renew our prayer life? By exploring both the prayers Jesus prayed in scripture and what he taught his followers about prayer. Prayer never begins with us, but with Jesus and the example he gave us as he prayed. When we shape our prayer life after his, we just might experience the renewal that we seek. This Lent let us learn to pray like Jesus.

February 18 

Jesus’ Prayer Life

Mark 1:35-39; Matthew 6:5-8

Many of us struggle with prayer. We are too busy. It’s too boring. We fall asleep or don’t know what to say. We are petrified of praying out loud. Yet, it was an essential part of Jesus’ spiritual life and ministry. He spent a lot of time in prayer and teaching about prayer. How can we learn from Jesus’ prayer life? What is prayer and why do we pray? What is the purpose of prayer and what does it really change? As we being our worship series on praying like Jesus, we will explore the basics of prayer, what Jesus said about it, and how he modeled it.

Reflection Questions: Describe your prayer life in as much detail as possible. When do
you pray? What do you pray for? How do you pray? What do you believe is the purpose of prayer? What are your obstacles to prayer? In what ways would you like to grow in your prayer life?


February 25 

Lord, Teach Us to Pray 

Matthew 6:9-15; Luke 11:1-4

When the disciples plead with Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus responds with a sample prayer. This is the model Jesus created, and presumably used, for his prayer life. What does this model teach us about the important elements of prayer? While we say a version of this prayer every week, at times it can be so familiar and routine that it loses its power to shape our own prayer life. How might we understand this prayer from a whole new perspective? How does
it teach us to pray?

Reflection Questions: How does the Lords’ prayer inform or shape your prayer life? What elements in it are easy to pray for you and what elements are more difficult? Rewrite the Lords’ prayer in your own words and allow it to bring you a whole new meaning.


March 3

Persistent Prayers

Luke 11:5-13; Luke 18:1-8

In the context of teaching about prayer, Jesus tells the parables of the friend at midnight and a persistent widow. Are these parables saying that if we pray hard enough and long enough God will give us whatever we want? Is it as simple as Ask, Seek, and Knock? What about
prayers that don’t get answered? Were those people just not persistent enough? How do we handle those times when our prayers are not answered and how might these parables instruct us?

Reflection Questions: When has been a time you felt your prayers were not being
answered? How did you feel? What did you do? How do these parables and Jesus words guide you in those times? What do these parables say about who God is and how God works in this world?


March 10

Prayers of Goodbye

John 17:1-26 (selected verses)

John records several chapters of what Jesus said to his disciples the last night he was with them. The final chapter of that “final discourse” is a 26 verse prayer. What does he pray for? He prays about his life and his work. He prays for his followers to be protected, to be given joy, to be united as one in him, and to have the Father’s love in them. Were Jesus’ prayers answered?
How might his prayer shape our communal life together?

Reflection Questions: If you were with your closest friends and family the night before
you died, what would you pray for them? What does Jesus’ final prayer for his followers say about what he wants for us and from us?


March 17

Prayers of Desperation

Matthew 26:36-46

Some prayers are filled with anguish, pain, heartache. Those prayers are especially
challenging when you feel all alone, abandoned by your closest friends or family. People throughout the world have prayed when their life is threatened, when tragedy is about to strike, when they feel desperate. Jesus is no different. “Let this cup pass from me” is a prayer most of us have prayed in some way, shape, or form. But to pray the second half of that sentence, “yet not what I want but what you want” takes an incredible amount of faith. We will explore prayers of
desperation and how even in the most difficult of times, how faith can sustain us.

Reflection Questions: When was a time you prayed a prayer of desperation? How has
your will been different than God’s will in your life? Have you had times when those you
counted on to pray for you or be there for you let you down?


March 24 (Palm/Passion Sunday)

Prayers on the Cross

Luke 23:32-34; Mark 15:29-34; Luke 23:44-46

Jesus prayed three prayers from the cross. The first was about forgiving others. The
second asked why God had forsaken him. The third surrendered his spirit to God. Jesus last words were a prayer to God. What might these dying prayers teach us about how to live?

Reflection Questions: If you were on your deathbed with the chance to offer one last
prayer, what would you say to God? Is there someone in your life your would like God to
forgive? Have you ever felt forsaken by God? If so, describe those circumstances. How might you surrender your life and your spirit to God every day?