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calendar_today October 15, 2023
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Get Used to Different

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco
October 15                               
Get Used to Different                                        
                Jesus speaks to Nicodemus about being born again, wind, Spirit, serpents, and other spiritual mysteries. He refers to a kingdom not of this world and saving not from Rome but from sin. This Jesus was different than any other rabbi Nicodemus had met. But as Jesus would later tell Peter, “Get used to different.” Matthew left everything to follow Jesus: money, a comfortable life, a steady job, protection of the Romans. Nicodemus also had a lot to lose if he followed Jesus: an honorable reputation, family, wealth, success. In the series, he too is invited by Jesus to follow him, but he is unable.
                Reflection Questions: Describe the difference between Nicodemus’ and Matthew’s response to Jesus invitation to follow him. When have you been more like Nicodemus? How have you been like Matthew? What have you left to follow Jesus? How would you tell someone what it means to be born again?