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calendar_today February 4, 2024

How Do Your Core Values Impact Others?

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco
            When God’s will is our priority and our faith is growing, we see people through God’s eyes. That’s why our next Core Values are: “Loving Without Judgment” and “Forgiving as We Have Been Forgiven.” Loving is the second half of Jesus’ greatest commandment, yet too often our thoughts rush to assumptions, stereotypes, and judgment. Loving without judgment can be challenging, especially when we’ve been hurt by another. Love involves forgiveness. Jesus spoke several times about our need to forgive others based on the forgiveness we have received from God. Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves to keep the bitterness and anger from eating us up inside.
            Reflection: Describe a time when you “loved your neighbor.” Was it without judgment? Have you ever begrudgingly or judgmentally served or helped another? Describe a time you had the opportunity to forgive someone. How did your experience of being forgiven by God have an impact on your ability to forgive another?