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calendar_today October 10, 2023
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If You Are Willing…

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco
October 8                 
If You Are Willing…                                          
                Both the leper and the friend of a paralytic plead with Jesus to heal, if he is willing. Their strength of faith is evident. In both instances Jesus is willing. In the first instance he tells the leper not to say anything to anyone about his healing. Why? The second time he heals in front of a crowd. Do you believe Jesus still heals today? What is the role of faith in healing? Is there ever at time Jesus is not willing to heal?
                Reflection Questions: Leprosy robbed its victim of dignity, community, and love. Are there any similar situations in our society today that would do the same? Have you ever cared about someone so much that you went to great lengths to help them? Why were the Pharisees so upset at Jesus’ healing? Who can you bring into Jesus’ presence by praying for them?