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calendar_today February 18, 2024
menu_book Mark Matthew

Jesus’ Prayer Life

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco

Mark 1:35-39; Matthew 6:5-8

Many of us struggle with prayer. We are too busy. It’s too boring. We fall asleep or don’t know what to say. We are petrified of praying out loud. Yet, it was an essential part of Jesus’ spiritual life and ministry. He spent a lot of time in prayer and teaching about prayer. How can we learn from Jesus’ prayer life? What is prayer and why do we pray? What is the purpose of prayer and what does it really change? As we being our worship series on praying like Jesus, we will explore the basics of prayer, what Jesus said about it, and how he modeled it.

Reflection Questions: Describe your prayer life in as much detail as possible. When do you pray? What do you pray for? How do you pray? What do you believe is the purpose of prayer? What are your obstacles to prayer? In what ways would you like to grow in your prayer life?