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calendar_today June 11, 2023
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I’ve Got the JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY

John 17:19-22; John 15:1-14

Jesus invites all those who follow to abide in him like branches on a vine. Those branches will bear fruit, the fruit of love and the fruit of joy. Joy isn’t the same as happiness, and many times, joy lives in the midst of sorrow. Jesus promises his full joy to us even as he faces death. How do we feel the strength of God’s joy in trying times? How do we cultivate the fruit of joy when life is hard?

Reflection Questions: What is the difference between the spiritual fruit of joy and happiness? What people do you know (perhaps including yourself) who have gone through suffering but still exhibit the fruit of joy? How are love and joy connected? How do you keep joy in your heart when life is hard? When have you felt the strength of God-given joy?