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calendar_today November 10, 2023
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Mary, Did You Know?

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco

Luke 1:26-56 Perhaps it’s not technically a carol, but this recently written Christmas song has quickly become a favorite for many. While Mary agreed to be part of God’s plan for the world, did she really know what she said yes to? Do any of us really know what’s in store when we say, “Yes” to God? The angel did tell Mary a few things about her child. What were they and why are they important? Through her song we now call the “Magnificant,” Mary tells us what she did know about who God is and what her baby would accomplish. This Sunday we explore what Mary knew when she delivered the one who would deliver her. Reflection Questions: If you could have a cup of coffee with Mary, what questions would you want to ask her? Which of the questions in the song are the most intriguing to you? How might you imagine Mary answering some of these questions? Listen to “Mary, Did You Know?