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calendar_today November 22, 2023
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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco

Isaiah 7:14, Proverbs 8:22-31, Exodus 24:15-17, 31:18, Isaiah 11:1-2, Isaiah 22:22, Luke 1:78-79, Haggai 2:7

This chant dating back to the 8th century not only celebrates the birth of Jesus but also prepares our hearts for Jesus’ return. The lyrics move from the shadows of the Old Testament into the light of the New Testament with the incarnation of God in Christ. The mood is longing, aching, hoping, yearning. One author described it as a “sorrowful joy.” We will learn more about the various names for Jesus described in each verse, their biblical roots, and the meaning of those names for us today.

Reflection Questions: Which of the seven names do you resonate with the most? What unique name would you give Jesus and what would its significance be? When have you experienced “sorrowful joy,” especially around the holiday season?

Listen to “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”