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calendar_today March 17, 2024
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Prayers of Desperation

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco

Matthew 26:36-46

Some prayers are filled with anguish, pain, heartache. Those prayers are especially challenging when you feel all alone, abandoned by your closest friends or family. People
throughout the world have prayed when their life is threatened, when tragedy is about to strike, when they feel desperate. Jesus is no different. “Let this cup pass from me” is a prayer most of us
have prayed in some way, shape, or form. But to pray the second half of that sentence, “yet not what I want but what you want” takes an incredible amount of faith. We will explore prayers of
desperation and how even in the most difficult of times, how faith can sustain us.

Reflection Questions: When was a time you prayed a prayer of desperation? How has your will been different than God’s will in your life? Have you had times when those you counted on to pray for you or be there for you let you down?