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calendar_today September 17, 2023
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Shalom Shabbat

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco
September 17                           
Shalom Shabbat            
                Shalom means peace and wholeness which is exactly what Mary experienced after meeting Jesus. She tells Nicodemus that while she doesn’t know the name of the man who healed her, she will know him the rest of her life. She then goes home to host her first Shabbat dinner when a surprise guest shows up. Shabbat is the beginning of Sabbath on Friday at sundown when the Jewish people remember who and whose they are. The Sabbath brings them closer to God with worship, rest, and renewal. What brings you closer to God?
                Reflection Questions: How has Jesus given you shalom, peace and wholeness, in your life? What religious rituals are part of your family tradition, such as meal or bed time prayers, scripture reading, devotions, etc.? What might be similar to the Shabbat ritual in the Christian tradition that reminds us who and whose we are? How do you observe the Sabbath?