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calendar_today March 26, 2023
menu_book John

Shhh…Dont Talk About That

John 12:1-8

It’s the elephant in the room: death. It’s going to happen. To all of us. Yet, when the time comes near for us or a loved one, we often avoid the topic hushing up those who dare to speak the truth about the fragility of life. But Jesus didn’t. He speaks the words no one wanted to admit: he was not always going to be around. Neither will we or those we love. Perhaps speaking about it makes it too real, making us uncomfortable. The indescribably pain we know we will one day face invades our senses to the extent we can no longer avoid or ignore it. What if we stopped denying the limited nature of our lives and breathed in our vulnerable mortality?

A Good Enough Step: Do you need to have a conversation with someone in your life (or yourself) about death, last wishes, life without them (or you)? What step could you take to embrace your vulnerable mortality? What will you do now to prepare your loved ones (or yourself) for you own death?

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