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calendar_today June 18, 2023
menu_book John Philippians

Passing the PEACE

John 14:25-27; Philippians 4:4-7

Love, peace, and joy often appear together in different combinations. In the Hebrew, shalom doesn’t just mean peace, but wholeness, completeness. We often think of it as the absence of conflict, but biblical peace is so much more. Jesus gives us his peace, a peace that passes all understanding. Yet, this world provides so many obstacles to peace: worry, fear, conflict, greed, anger. How do we cultivate the fruit of peace in our lives and then pass that peace on to others?

Reflection Questions: What do you see as the relationship between love, joy, and peace? In what ways can you cultivate the fruit of peace inyour life? If peace isn’t just the absence of conflict, how would you describe it? How can you pass the peace, not just in worship but in this world?