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calendar_today March 5, 2023
menu_book Luke

The Illusion of Controll


Even Jesus got frustrated when folks didn’t behave as he would have liked. He acknowledged his own limitations and dashed hopes in a world that doesn’t always go our way. Yet, we somehow have bought into the idea that if we just try hard enough, do the right thing, and are good enough, I’ve will always go our way. We run around in so many directions trying to herd the chicks into so imagined semblance of perfect formation (have you ever tried to herd chicks?). What if we could let go of our need to control our future and everyone else’s? What if we grieved what might have been and what could have been so that we can move forward with what is? What is we dared to peak behind the curtain of the illusion of control?

A Good Enough Step: Using your holy imagination, what do you see or feel when you peak behind your curtain of the illusion of control? What are your limitations or dashed hopes in a life that hasn’t always fulfilled your future plans? How do you respond to unfortunate or devastating events that are beyond your control?