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calendar_today October 1, 2023
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Wedding Gift

person Rev. Dr. Chris Carrasco
October 1                 
The Wedding Gift                                              
                Jesus and his 7 disciples, six male and one female, travel with him to a wedding in Cana where they meet his mother. Though not in scripture, Thomas is the coordinator of the wedding along with a daughter of a vineyard owner. When the wine runs out, Jesus’ mother asks for her son’s help. Thomas is one of the few that sees (but doesn’t understand) the miracle that takes place. Jesus tells Thomas, “Join me and I will show you a new way of counting and measuring.” How has this episode given you a new perspective of this miracle?
                Reflection Questions: How would you describe the way Thomas is depicted in this episode? Jesus reassures Thomas that while it’s good to ask questions, we won’t always understand, or even get, the answers. How do you deal with unanswered questions? Have you ever witnessed something you couldn’t logically explain? Why do you think Jesus performed this miracle even though he said his time had not yet come?