King's Grant Presbyterian

Praying Like Jesus Worship Series

Prayer is one of the foundational spiritual practices of Lent and our final KGPC core value. We know we should do it, but often it feels like an obligation rather than a joy. How can we renew our prayer life? By exploring both the prayers Jesus prayed in scripture and what he taught his followers […]

Chili Fundraiser

The KGPC Youth will once again be cooking delicious chili and cornbread just in time for the Super Bowl! All proceeds will go towards summer trips for the kids. (Mild) Chili- $15/quart Cornbread- $10/tin Order via our connection card or online. Thank you for supporting our youth!

Bethlehem Walk

Follow the star to Bethlehem. Family-friendly event open to all and FREE of charge! Visit Bethlehem any time between: Friday, December 1st 6pm-8pm Saturday, December 2nd 4pm-7pm Sunday, December 3rd 2pm-5pm

Trunk or Treat

We will have: Holy Ghost Weenie Roast (a Youth Ministry Fundraiser) Sunshine Treats Ice Cream Truck Decorated Trunks for children to “Trunk or Treat” Please join us in this free, family-friendly, community event. All are welcome!

You Are Chosen! Worship Series 2023

Begins September 10th!   Join us as we embark on a 8-week journey to encounter Jesus using the first season of the series “The Chosen,” the first ever crowd-funded, multi-season series about the life of Christ and the unlikely people whose lives he turned upside down. You will be invited to watch each episode and […]

Brunch Church

Please join us in the Fellowship Hall for worship, communion, food, and fellowship. All are welcome!

Cultivating a Fruit Full Life in the Spirit

Cultivating a Fruit Full Life in the Spirit             Now that Pentecost has come and gone, what difference does the Holy Spirit make in our lives? What kind of person are you striving to be? For those who are followers of Jesus, the answer is the same today as it was for Paul’s original audience in […]

Open Table Meeting

With a goal of helping to eradicate poverty in our community, KGPC invites you to become a member of one of our volunteer teams. The teams work with individuals and/or families for about a year making concentrated efforts to address their unmet needs. For more information, please contact us directly.  

Easter Worship Series (April 16th-May 28th)

Everyone has deep questions about the meaning of life. How do you search for the answers? What do you believe and why? In this Easter series we will examine the core Christian beliefs and why they matter using the clearest and most concise statement of the Christian faith, the Apostles’ Creed. Beliefs shape our identity, […]

Vacation Bible School

Children are welcome to join us this July for our amazing Vacation Bible School. For further information, please contact Amanda Pine. We have loads of fun and exciting activities planned this summer. July 10th-July 14th, 9am-12pm.