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What a joy it was to worship and fellowship together last Sunday! Our music program is in full swing as the music team opened up our gathering time before worship, the choir led us in a lively anthem, and Mary’s piano rendition of Simple Gifts was welcomed with applause. This Sunday our Adult Faith Formation program launches with a bible study on John at 9:00 and a study on Living Unafraid  as well as a class on parenting after worship begins at 11:15. Our kids will have a great time this Sunday whether a baby or toddler in the nursery from 8:30-12:30, youth who gather at 9:00 for discussion and donuts, or elementary school kids who have faith formation during worship and a fun fellowship time during the 11:15 classes. Not to mention all the great groups that meet during the week!

As we continue our worship series on Living Unafraid, this week we will tackle the fear of failure and loneliness. While we all experience times when we don’t want to be alone or disappoint others, when that fear starts to control us and guide our decisions we may withdraw and live in fear. How can we keep from allowing our natural human emotions to take over our lives? What does scripture say about the fear of failure and loneliness? How can we take one step toward living with courage and hope in the midst of the anxiety in our lives? This Sunday we will explore those questions together as we seek God’s guidance. I hope to see you in the sanctuary or online as we join in worship at 10:00 this Sunday, as we learn and grow before and after worship, and as we go out to serve God and others in this world.

Grow Stronger, Shine Brighter, Love Deeper, Transform Your World,

Pastor Chris

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