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calendar_today March 12, 2023
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The Need to Bee UNproductive

Luke 13:1-9

It’s baked into our DNA: Productivity. The Protestant Work Ethic. Being busy as a bee. It’s lauded by society, encouraged by the Protestant faith, and the key to value and worth. We wear being overscheduled and ultra busy as a badge of honor. After all, we must live up to our full potential! But what if our DNA also needed to be UNproductive? What if, like the gardener, we realized that there are times we need to slowly nurture ourselves, soaking in the manure all around until we can get the good stuff out of it. Lying fallow and getting fertilized with laughter and tears is sometimes exactly what we need in order to produce in the future.

A Good Enough Step: What brings you rest and fills your soul? Name one way you can step off the “treadmill” of life this week. How do you practice self-care? What good fruit might grow from your time of self-care?

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