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calendar_today August 6, 2023
menu_book Matthew Titus

The Strength of GENTLENESS  

Matthew 11:28-30; Titus 3:1-2

Gentleness is often interpreted as weakness or passiveness, becoming like a doormat for others to walk over us.  It is very similar to meekness and humility. However, as Jesus exemplified, gentleness takes strength in the midst of adversity. It is strong at its core while soft on the outside. In an age where gentleness is lacking, whether in politics, social media, the workplace or playground, how might we cultivate the fruit of gentleness in our interactions with others?

Reflection Questions: What are the reasons people aren’t gentle toward others? How might you extend gentleness to yourself as well as others? When do you find it most difficult to be gentle with others? Are there other images that come to mind when you think of gentleness?

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