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calendar_today June 25, 2023
menu_book Ephesians Romans

Lord, Give Me Patience…NOW!

Ephesians 4:1-3; Romans 8:24-25

In a fast food, fast paced, me-oriented society, patience is in short supply. We rush around, are short with others, and miss out on God’s gift of waiting. Patience is as much a virtue now as ever, but it’s also a characteristic of one who lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. This fruit of the Spirit is often paired with others characteristics, including hope. Scripture reminds us how God has been patient with us, and how we are called to be patient in suffering and patient with others. Be careful praying for patience, God just might give it to you.

Reflection Questions: In what ways has God and others been patient with you? What situations make you most likely to be impatient? What can you do to cultivate the fruit of patience in those times? Why do you think patience often shows up in a list with other Christian attributes?

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